We understand this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and want you to find the perfect ring to reflect your personal style and love for each other.

Please contact us for a no obligation showing of hundreds of unique engagement ring styles you won't find anywhere else in Omaha. You can look through styles ranging from traditional, 3-stone, accented, heirloom, vintage, halo, split shank and sculptured in your choice of 14k, 18k or platinum.

We also have a large selection of wraps, guards and bands to match whatever style you're looking for and a database with 9,000+ GIA, AGS and EGL certified diamonds of all sizes and shapes.

We are a local (Omaha) business with a focus of providing the highest quality jewelry at value traditional jewelers can't provide through low overhead costs. Traditional jewelers have high overhead expenses and as much as 40-50% of what you pay goes directly towards their rent, employee salaries, etc. Great deals can be found on the internet but you never know who you're dealing with. With a purchase of this size and importance wouldn't you want to see the piece in person before making a final decision? We offer the best of both worlds by keeping overhead costs low and providing great personalized service. We promise to make finding the perfect ring to reflect your personal style and love for each other our number one priority.

Please call (402) 348-9476 to set up an appointment.